The WordPress suggestion today is one I responded to before, so this time I shall tell you about the kindness of a special English teacher, Miss Street. Miss Street was a dedicated teacher and inspired me to have a pencil and paper by the bed, and a dictionary. As a consequence I’m constantly coming across words that either I’ve heard and not really understood, or are totally new. Reading constantly unfolds new ideas and words. I always remember this teacher when I write the words down.

Here are a just a few recent words:

Invoilably: that must not be violated, kept free from violence, or treated as if sacred.

Peripatetic: walking or travelling about, itinerant.

Malfeasance: the doing of an unlawful act.

Wordpost: The Kindness of Strangers, by Ben Huberman

When was the last time a stranger did something particularly kind, generous, or selfless for you? Tell us what happened!

10 thoughts on “Kindness:

  1. Master of Something Yet

    I love the word “peripatetic”. My favourite word of all time is “perspicacious”. When we were in New York, we were stopped by a young couple who claimed they were doing some research and wanted a word starting with “p”. So I gave them one. THE one. The girl loved it. 🙂 Words are so cool.

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  2. Aunt Beulah

    Barbara, I just caught up with your blog and enjoyed seeing the talented work of your loved ones, especially the portrait of you done by a man who obviously sees you clearly and likes what he sees. I also appreciate your mention of your English teacher who started you on your search for new words. It was Mrs. Jensen who sent me on a lifelong word search. Thanks for reminding me. I’d forgotten.

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