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Free association:

Free Association, Home, soil and rain by Michelle W.


Rampant rain and sodden soil,

Provoke memories.

Ensconced at home listening,

Longing for the rain to begin.

Knees and joints ache with anticipation.

Gathering clouds menace teasingly.


Plants droop their heads in desperation,

Seeds wait in supplication.

Let the orchestration begin

Tin roof with timpani thrumming

Restoring growth and well-being

Inside and out.



Lull before the storm:

Looking westward before the rain

Looking westward before the rain


Apricots ready to pick

Apricots ready to pick

Here are some photos of our calm morning after a quick clean up before the forecast rain. ┬áLeaves removed from gutters and lawns mown, we’re ready for this welcome rain.

Vegetable shade house now occupied

Vegetable shade house now occupied



Refreshing rain to revive the pots.

Refreshing rain to revive the pots.


Return to the garden:


Brugmansia (Solanaceae) Angel’s trumpet making a show in a narrow arched area, where it will be covered mostly in creepers.


Children’s cubby house at the back of the garden


Virginia creeper on our water tank. March 2014

Autumn is upon us; a relief after the hot weather. As you can see the leaves are beginning to turn. The vegetable plot has done its dash, with a few eggplants still to come. Tomatoes have almost completed their task. Now it is time to make relish and chutney.

I painted the cubby the colour of the changing leaves. I enjoy looking at it hiding under the trees. It is ready for our next grandchild, the first grand daughter, to be born in April. Our two grandsons who live not far away, are a little old for it now, as they prefer to play other things. It’s good to think there are little ones still to play with it. Our young grandsons from Canberra will come down during the year, so it must be ready for them.

Getting back into the garden is so therapeutic; we finally had some rain. Green instantly reappears bringing joy and enthusiasm to replant and get ready for winter. I do like to spread manure and freshly mulch every autumn and spring. Writing at every other opportunity; life was meant to be full….