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Spring holidays

Today is going to be 21, before another cold spell. So we’re off to the beach to make the most of the day. School holidays are here and so I shall be missing with another break from blogging.

Maybe the boys will teach me to use the lap top?

IMG_2827Thanks for your company. Look forward to reading your posts on my return.

Spring in Pearcedale:


Picked a bunch of these delectable smelling violets yesterday

Grevillea, a plant the birds adore

Grevillea, a plant the birds adore

Another Grevillea, bird's paradise

Another Grevillea, bird’s paradise

Banksia tree

Banksia tree planted on our nature strip.

As I shall be having the grandchildren to stay my posts will be more spasmodic, as by night time I’m depleted!

Shall return….


Another Banksia

Another juvenile Banksia, also on our nature strip.

Monday painting update:

Today’s update  of Christopher’s painting is not totally true, but I boosted the colour to enhance it, so that it was more visible. His work needs to be seen in reality, rather than a photograph. There is a wonderful translucent quality to them.

Christopher Pyett's painting  of Barbara in progress 8-9-14

Christopher Pyett’s painting of Barbara in progress 8-9-14



Maybe I should show you the windy spring day outside with the lawns mown too!

Spring in Victoria, Australia

Spring in Victoria, Australia

Boronia has a fantastic perfume

Boronia has a fantastic perfume