Sun symbol:

Daily Prompt: Weaving the Threads by Michelle W.                                                                  Draft a post with three parts, each unrelated to the other, but create a common thread between them by including the same item- an object, a symbol, a place in each part.

Dripping with water, Michelle lay down on her towel on an isolated beach and allowed the sun to dry her back. Her thoughts morphed into dreams. Poke! She was shocked into consciousness. The sun had disappeared behind a stranger standing over her.                           ‘I just thought you might like to know you’re getting burnt,’ said the stranger.

Gerry on his way to the beach swerved to avoid the echidna crossing his path. The bike skidded and he flew through the air head over heels, Gerry found himself sprawled on the tarmac. Blood oozed and he felt giddy, his helmet had cracked with the impact. He came to, finding a girl putting a towel around his shoulders asking him questions. The sun blinded him so that she looked like an angel.

The seagulls squawked as they threw the last of their crusts out the window. The sun was sinking into the water. They canoodled in the back of the car as twilight dimmed to dark. Jake pressured her to go a bit further. She wanted to save herself until after their marriage. ‘It’s alright,’ he said, ‘I’ve got a towel, you won’t damage the seat.’

8 thoughts on “Sun symbol:

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  2. ChristineR

    All conjur up lovely imagery, Barbara, though you may need to rephrase the first sentence in the final story. Better name who threw the crusts? To me it sounds like the seagulls? I know what you mean, but. Want to kick that Jake!

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