Caught In a Net

Aunt Beulah asks questions of herself that I’m sure many bloggers are asking themselves. I admire the way she expresses herself and she always inspires me to better things.

Aunt Beulah

Colored butterfly in the green grid

Shortly after I began writing a weekly column for the local newspaper, I was pondering a head of lettuce at the local supermarket when an elderly gentleman with gray bushy eyebrows, a battered cowboy hat, and a painful-looking limp wheeled his cart my way.

“Hey, you! Yes, you.”

Startled, I looked around, but saw no other shoppers. Was he talking to himself or me? Finding either alternative alarming, I clutched my lettuce and prepared to flee.

“You’re Janet Sheridan, right?”

I nodded. In my hurry, did I cut him off in the parking lot? Or, heaven help me, had I run over his foot?

Without altering his stern expression, he limped on by, tipping his hat as he said, “I like your columns, young lady. They read real good.”

No words could have pleased a fledgling columnist more. When someone finds something of worth in my words, I feel…

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2 thoughts on “Caught In a Net

  1. bkpyett Post author

    I’m glad you’ve chosen to follow Janet/Aunt Beula, as this is a very special blog and I’m sure you’ll have much in common with her. It’s good to get both Aunts together!


  2. auntyuta

    Thanks for reblogging this, Barbara. It made me curious who this Aunt Beulah is. So it is Janet Sheridan. I am very impressed with the way she writes and want to follow her now.
    I think to me writing is a bit like talking. What I would like to talk about, I may set out to write about. I just imagine that there is someone who is prepared to listen to me. Then I just talk about the things I feel strongly about. It is true, sometimes it is not easy to express my feelings, especially when I feel somewhat confused and muddled up. In my experience writing can help to overcome muddled up feelings. And there is always something going on in this world that I like to take an interest in. Or it might be something I feel joyful about. I like to write about this too. We may have some very sad experiences in life, but there is always also something we can feel joyful about, isn’t there? 🙂

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