Love is the secret:

Am I superstitious? Perhaps I just don’t like tempting fate; therefore I shall write about someone who was the most meaningful character in my younger life.

My mother was the most energetic woman I have ever known. She was a chocoholic, and needed that boost to achieve all she did. She kept a prolific garden, chooks, household with husband and five children, clothed and fed. Not just washing and ironing said clothes, but making many of them as well. Working on committees and boards she fitted into her busy schedule, as well as keeping up with her busy social life.

When I moved back to my home- town with two small children, mother was there to support me. I stayed with my parents for three months to find my feet. My parents bought the house I moved into. We worked together painting this house. My mother made the curtains, and she helped me cover cheap furniture that we found at an auction.

Teaching me to take cuttings for the garden and how to sew, were just a couple of the many things she generously imparted. I was always grateful for any cooking and childcare hints she was able to share. My life would have been so different without this dependable person’s support and love, especially at the many tricky times in my life.

When I was isolated, living overseas, my mother would write at least one letter every week. Her love gave me the strength to have faith in myself. Living with a husband who was bi-polar wasn’t easy, but knowing I was loved made all the difference.

Do or Die by Michelle W.

You have three hundred words to justify the existence of your favourite person, place or thing. Failure to convince will result in it vanishing without a trace. Go!

21 thoughts on “Love is the secret:

  1. petspeopleandlife

    My mother was a hard worker as well. She was 5′ tall and pleasingly plump. Good German stock. She was the backbone of out small family.

    It seems that most of us were all very fortunate to have wonderful mothers. I know that I was blessed to call her my mother. I can not begin to measure up to my mother’s strength and fortitude.

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  2. kanzensakura

    Love is also the answer! Your mother’s love certainly answered so many needs for you. My mother, thank God, is still alive. And although the demon dementia sometimes holds her, in spite of everything, she still knows me, still knows I love her and that she loves me. My husband would sympathise with you, living with a wife who is bi-polar is hard. But my mother taught me, like yours taught you. so many times I do something and I think, my mother taught me this…no matter what, or how, or why, my mother loved me even at the worst of my times. You were truly blessed by that love and it seems, you pass it along! ❤

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  3. gerard oosterman

    Yes, wonderful mothers like yours were around much more in the past than the present. Families were bigger and overall more content with normal things such as having a meal around the table and having conversation.
    My mum was a giant too, Moved mountains and coping with a chronic schizophrenic son for many years.
    Expectation were different. Much more modest and less materialistc. Are terrific mums much rarer now?

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    1. bkpyett Post author

      We were so fortunate and as you say, expectations were very different.
      Family meals with conversations were commonplace. I think now that mothers are expected to work, the stresses must be greater. There are still terrific mums, but it’s a shame materialism has infiltrated society.
      Your mother sounds one of the strong heroines.



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