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Bamboozled by Gen X,Y and Z?

Have you ever been bamboozled by talk of Gen X.Y and Z?

I looked it up on the internet and was surprised to find I was born the year before the Baby boomers! They start in 1947.

GEN X: 1963-1980

GEN Y: 1981-94

GEN Z: 1995-2009

GEN ALPHA: 2010-

This listing means that my children are all born in Gen X. That makes me laugh as Rebecca has always said her brother was different, being a Gen Y! I wonder who makes up such divisions and how they decide the cut off points? Are people really different depending when they are born?

It will be interesting to see how different out grandchildren in the Alpha generation differ from our grandchildren in the Gen Z grouping. Certainly they will all be computer literate and understand things we find complex.

I have just realized, last time I sent in stories to Penguin, I spent ages filling out the forms and didn’t complete the task properly. They asked for Pdf files, and I didn’t know how to do that, so just sent them.  I wasted my time as the files couldn’t be opened. This year I must do better. That is one New Year’s resolution, must do better! Are there others out there who find new technology difficult?