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It’s my party: Daily Prompt


If I am to have a party, it will be a ‘virtual party’ and you are all invited.

Solid wooden tables draped in white linen cloths are covered in food. The gentle light emanates from white tapered candles, displaying Elaine’s fabulous vegan dishes that tempt the most restrained of you.

Fluted Champagne and orange juice glasses are topped with fresh strawberries. The air is warm with wafting perfumes of Bragmansia, (angel’s trumpets) and jasmine.

Live music of your choice makes you want to dance. The person of your dreams entices you to dance. Heady with movement, sound, warmth and love you dance until dawn.

Teleporting back to your home you feel refreshed. Sleep can wait; you are vibrant and ready to attack the new day.




Que Sera Sera: Daily prompt

This is a tricky one. In earlier times I allowed life to take me on it’s tide, floating along, just drifting and allowing the waves to waft me where they would. I enjoyed the freedom and enjoyment of being young and life was good.

Responsibility grew as I grew older. Choices had to be made. Maybe Fate put things in my way, who knows. In my later teens I had a horoscope drawn up. MIne was a positive one. The professor’s wife, who wrote this, did one for me about my boyfriend. This was not a good one. When she wrote the letter accompanying it, she hoped this was an ex- boyfriend. It arrived the week we were getting engaged.

I didn’t believe any one could have such a dreadful life, and I’d prove it wrong…. big mistake?His violent death, might happen when he was 90? He was 57 when he took his life. So many things were foretold. I found that strange to say the least.

People say that generalities are put in such documents. Yes, that is true. I found having my horoscope done useful. It made me realise that I should be wary where drugs were concerned. That was good advice. My learning for this life is patience, again good advice! It did give me confidence in myself, and there were times when that was a strength I could draw on.

Having buffeted many raging storms, I have found positive thinking one of the major helpful character traits to draw on. We make our own choices to a certain extent; but I give thanks to the universe for my good fortune. What will be, will be.