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Transposed but not forgotten:

Blogging has brought about a strange coincidence. Yesterday, fellow blogger, MTMcGuire, mtmcguire.co.uk/x
info@hamgee.co.uk commented from the UK after my post about returning to Devonport, Tasmania. He knew someone from Devonport in his writer’s group. I suggested it might well be a relative of mine, as everyone knows how inbred Tasmanians are.

MTM wrote back last night with the name of his friend. I couldn’t believe it. Rosemary grew up living next door to our family. Well, their lane way was, and the house was over the back fence. I have written about Rosemary’s family in ‘Enduring Threads’, though, I do have to go through it before I can print it here. Chris suggests a few name changes.

MTM, thank you for linking more threads. Life is a complex business and it’s wonderful when a thread can be teased out and joined again with the past.