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Tomato Relish


4 Kg ripe tomatoes, 11/2 Kg onions

3/4 cup salt,  11/2 Kg sugar

3 level tablespoons curry powder, 4 1/2 level tbsp mustard powder

3/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper, 1.7 litre white vinegar

1 tablespoon of cornflour


  • ¬†Peel and slice tomatoes and onions.
  • Sprinkle salt over the tomatoes and onions and leave over night.
  • The next morning pour off the liquid.
  • Place tomatoes and onions in a large pot and cover with vinegar.
  • Add the sugar and bring the mixture to the boil. Boil rapidly for 5 mins.
  • Combine all the spices and stir into the relish mixture.
  • Boil gently for 1 hour, removing scum, and stirring frequently.
  • To thicken the relish, add the cornflour to a little water and mix to a smooth paste.
  • Add a little of the hot liquid from the relish mixture until the paste is consistency of thin cream.
  • Add the paste to the relish mixture and stir continuously for around 5 mins until thickens.
  • Bottle in to hot sterilised jars and seal when cold. Makes approx. 12 medium jars.


    Tomato Relish (double mixture- 2 pots)