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Title and length:

This prompt does suggest doing anything I like, so shall just talk to you about the title, and length of a piece of writing.

Having just completed, (again), my story, ‘Angels behind the Scenes’, I am considering, first of all; is the title catchy enough, or should I change it to something better that will ignite the imagination? This will be an ongoing dilemma, until I am satisfied.

The Synopsis:                                                                                                                              ‘Angels Behind the Scenes,’ is a fantasy short story written for all who are interested in what lies on the other side. Heaven and Earth merge in this gentle but moving tale. Perhaps this story will encourage people to ask for help from the angels amongst them. Remember you are not alone. Love and joy are not old-fashioned values, but necessities in everyone’s lives.

The second quandary: I looked up the ideal length of a YA story.                                                This varies according to the site you might look at. One table that caught my eye on: http://fiction.writing.yoexpert.com/s…

Under 1,000 Flash fiction

1.000-7,5000 Short Story

7,500-20,000 Novelette

20,000-50,000 Novel

This table varies from others that consider my 11,000 word + in the short story bracket. I rather like the word ‘Novelette.’ I copied this table as it suits me!

The publisher that produced my first children’s book suggested 20.000 words for YA.

This brings me to the decision; do I make the story longer… to fit someone else’s expectations? Surely there are masses of children, or adults that like to find something they can sit down and read in one comfortable sitting?

I read of another author, saying the spine of the book had to be wide enough to be seen once on the bookshop shelf.

If only there were people out there who would take a manuscript and do the necessaries to make it into a book, just as there are curators out there who take a painter’s work and do all of the tasks necessary to get the work hung and seen. Literary agents are like hens teeth, very difficult to find.

I wonder how many of you are facing the same dilemmas/problems? Any suggestions or experiences you would like to share will be very welcome.

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