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End of 2013

Having heard from my brother, Graeme, that my last chapter ‘needs some work’, I reread it and agree with him. It has since had major changes, and I feel happier with it.  I don’t think I’ll post it again, as the general theme remains, though better organized.

2014 approaches with more challenges. Christopher is considering supporting the weavers re-work his Dunkeld paintings into a large tapestry. The Australian Tapestry Workshop has yet to confirm the details. The original tapestry, that can be seen on Chris’ website, was burnt in the fire of the Conference Centre at Dunkeld, Victoria, late this year.  It was a magnificent tapestry and to re-weave it is quite daunting. It depicted skies and was woven to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Royal Mail Hotel.


Here is a photo of us taken in our garden by Susan Gordon-Brown when she came to take photos of Chris’ paintings.