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Satisfying disruption:

Through the Window, WP prompt by Michelle W.                                                                                     Go to the nearest window. Look out for a full minute. Write about what you see.

Outside the study window

Outside the study window

The stillness of a winter’s day reflects the pause between stacking a load of wood, cooking and cleaning. The builder left, leaving plaster dust over every surface. This has created an opportunity to revisit our bookshelves and discover lost volumes, as well as weed out the unwanted; making space for books that are more likely to be re-read. Rifling through papers and files, long past their used by dates has been rewarding.


The studio roof is now insulated and lined, with just a final touch around the skylights to be completed next week. It no longer matters what the weather is like outside, inside has become far more moderate in temperature. It will be satisfying to know every surface has been cleaned, something long overdue.