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This morning I was awakened with the news that Cardinal Pell has been promoted to Rome. What a delightful birthday present. Maybe my letter to the Pope had some effect? David Marr spoke on radio saying that George Pell will eventually think that living close to Sydney Harbour was heaven. The job in Vatican City will not be an easy assignment….. The Italians in charge of the Vatican Bank ¬†are known to be confused about how much money is there; the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. Having lived in Italy, I can believe it!

The Royal Commission into child abuse in Australia will now be able to make their own conclusions, without Pell’s ‘help’.

I not only share my birthday with Brendan, my dentist, but he shares my rather warped sense of humour. I found this to celebrate our special day: Happy Birthday Brendan!1157d40f54b98ab843da5a3774aa575b