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Punctuation :-)

Today’s daily prompt is about punctuation. This is an interesting subject, as I find that my punctuation has changed having become a blogger. There are additions of  🙂  and 😀 and many more, with my favourite ❤ . Not only with these changes, but also with exclamation marks; I would not use in my more serious writing yet I use liberally in posts. Is this a sign of changes afoot? Maybe the semicolon will become a thing of the past? I do hope not, as it does help when reading to have ‘correct’ punctuation. The computer is telling me to revise my semi colon use…. I use them when it needs more than a comma and less than a full stop. Isn’t that what it is supposed to do? I’ve now lost confidence in my own judgment.

My children send me messages on their mobiles; the abbreviations are quite a new language. Blogs too use abbreviations; M-R introduced me to ROFL and I had to Google it to find what it meant. I printed off a couple of pages of abbreviations and now they have disappeared into the detritus of papers that surround me.

It seems that most take these changes in their stride. I struggle to keep up. There are so many changes and I’d love to get on top of things. The computer is an awesome appliance, but I still hesitate to change my blog. I’d love to be able to separate my posts into categories, so that I can put, for instance, children’s stories into one folder. My children live such busy lives, and when they visit, there never seems time to waste on the computer…


By the Dots

We all have strange relationships with punctuation—do you over use exclamation marks? Do you avoid semicolons like the plague? What type of punctuation could you never live without? Tell us about your punctuation quirks! Ben Huberman