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Holiday fun:

IMG_1288IMG_1293IMG_1296IMG_1286This wonderful aquatic centre has recently opened in our nearest city, Frankston. Frankston is not held in high regard by many, probably due to high unemployment, and drug related problems. It is wonderful seeing the children appreciate this new facility. The huge yellow bucket at the top, fills with water, and a bell rings about every ten minutes as a warning before it tips over and floods all beneath it! The children come back again and again to have this water tipped over them!

I did think of Gerard O.’s post about his holiday at Port Macquarie, when I saw some that shouldn’t, carrying plastic plates of chips! Swimming is a secondary activity after this major play centre with slides and water pipes that become water guns and sprays of all sorts are activated which opens at 10am. How lucky we are, when water has become such a precious commodity, that children are still able to enjoy the pleasure of water play.