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Waiting for patience:

As a child time took an eternity. Waiting for the bicycle I dreamed of took many long years. Eventually I was given my aunt’s old one, when I was nine. I was over the moon!

Patience is something I’ve had to learn. When things didn’t go my way, waiting was tedious. It wasn’t until I’d given up waiting, that things started to come to me.

Teaching and as a single mother, again, I decided to take another loan from the bank and build a double garage. This was no ordinary garage. It was the place I planned to retire to, so that I could rent my home out, to bring in a retirement income.

This garage had large windows, as well as a skylight. Bathroom facilities and an old kitchen sink for $10, finished off with a cork floor. In fact, a car never entered it. This haven became my studio. It was far enough from the house to link it with a clear roofed carport to protect my car from the severe Canberra frosts.

Because I was not out seeking a partner he came to me. Sounds so simple, but the adage above, rings true for me.

Waiting Room: ‘Good things come to those who wait.’ Do you agree? How long is it reasonable to wait for something you really want? Ben Huberman



Daily Prompt: Land of Confusion

School seems a long time ago. I hated it generally, and I think the school of life offers more. The qualities that I have been tested with and set to learn are: patience, to be non- judgmental and to retain positive thinking.

Patience was probably the first quality put in my way. School had to be borne. Enquiry was not encouraged; in fact you were discouraged from any individual thought. Rote learning from antiquated, racist history books was the norm. English was a breath of fresh air, as poetry held sublime thoughts and allowed one to dream. I majored in dreaming.

My parents were unique probably for their day. Both were the most non-judgmental people I knew. They loved life and people of all persuasions and colour. It wasn’t until I was put amongst narrow- minded people that it made me cling to what I knew. Bigoted, narrow- mindedness, (much as the Australian Government of today), makes me cringe and hold to my own values.

Positive thinking really does make life run smoothly. Worry causes stumbling blocks. Allowing the Universe it’s way, ‘going with the flow’, such clichés hold value. As a child I had no confidence; school did not engender such a helpful life step as positive thinking, this was something I had to learn for myself. Life provides this opportunity. http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/04/02/prompt-land-of-confusion/