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Mornington Peninsula

We had the pleasure to take some New York friends down to see a little bit of the Mornington Peninsula this week. This is where the grapes grow, amongst other vegetable producing farms. We have had an unusually warm autumn, but this day there was some rain with some splendid dark grey skies. As you can see from the photograph, it is green and lush, so shall post this before the green disappears with the heat of summer.

We live near the top of the Peninsula on the less touristy side, which has its advantages, as in summer down the other side it is literally filled with tents along the sea- shore. People book from year to year. Even at Easter time, the coastline is packed with people. Since the road is narrow, visiting this tourist destination has its frustrations.


Salix Restaurant and Vineyard, Mornington Peninsula Photo: Geoff Martin


Living it up. Photo taken by the waitress

Whereas, we enjoy the relative peace and quiet of a non- tourist destination; horses are a common sight, and football/ cricket/ netball/tennis seem to keep the children occupied. We are not at the seaside and our nearest water is muddy, which suits the fishermen rather than swimmers.