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Human Qualities are the ones I miss: Daily Prompt

Of all the technologies that have gone extinct in your life- time, which do you miss the most?

Technology isn’t the highest factor in my ‘to miss’ list. In fact technology has changed our lives in many ways to our detriment, combined with many other social changes.

Firstly, a sense of community:

  • Television seems to be responsible for much isolation.
  • Losing touch with our neighbours/ community/ family.
  • People being put away in old age homes can create isolation.
  • Children in daycare are vulnerable to more illness.
  • Closure of libraries in universities seems to me a retrograde step with computers replacing books.
  • Texting has taken the place of conversation.
  • Letter writing is becoming a thing of the past.
  • People are losing the art of conversation.
  • Technology has brought change and unemployment.
  • Unemployment has brought lack of worth and self esteem, and can lead to crime.
  • Young people expect to start with as many commodities as their parents had at the end of their lives.

On the positive side:

  • Travel has brought acceptance of other cultures and ideas.
  • Machines have decreased hard toil.
  • New careers are needed to discover new medicines, for instance, what will replace penicillin?
  • Creativity is needed to help create new and diverse work opportunities.
  • Bring asylum seekers into our country and make them welcome.
  • Human qualities need to be nurtured, rather than idolize machines.
  • Technological changes will continue; hopefully not at the expense of human interaction and love for one another.

Such complex issues; there is no right and wrong.

How do you think we can make our society better?