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A Posy and Thank you to Margaret Rose:


This is a bunch of flowers, ( photographed earlier in the year), as a thank you to Margaret Rose for her kind comments, introducing me to many who haven’t been here before, and for those of you who visit my site reguarly. IMG_2469IMG_2463

Theses are some flowers photographed yesterday .

Today I went to see a really quirky film, which was a story within a story called, ‘The Budapest Grand Hotel.’ I am always suspicious when they say any resemblance to anyone is coincidental, fictional characters, etc., as so often, fact is stranger than fiction.  M. Gustave says, ‘If you look and listen to the tales of others… there’s no need to have imagination when writing!’ Have any of you seen it?

The European hotel and grand house settings are beautiful. Perhaps my imagination is a little wild if I began to believe the story; but it implies, if you are kind to others, all will fall in your lap. M. Gustave H. is played by Ralph Fiennes, who acts the part of a legendary concierge . As he ages, his ‘lady friends’ age and he speaks of the ‘cheaper cuts having more flavour’ to Zero Maslafa, the bell boy, who is learning the trade from his master. The story is inspired by the writings of Stefan Zweig, and is produced by Director Wes Anderson.