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Language changes:

Verbal Ticks: Is there a word or a phrase you use (or over use) all the time and are seemingly unable to get rid of it? If not, what’s the one that drives you crazy when others use it? Ben Huberman

The second half of this question interests me, but I can’t be content with only the singular. Language is a changing thing, as we all know. It is the fashionable over use of some words/terms that particularly irritate.

Beginning with ‘Fantastic!’ or ‘Absolutely fantastic!’, or just ‘Absolutely!’. My beloved thinks this is waning, and he’s a media buff, so he usually has his finger on the pulse. Instead, people are replying to questions with ‘Look’.

There are the ‘going forward’, and ‘at this time’ phrases that are fill ins, allowing people time to think, perhaps? The one that really irritates is, ‘I. myself. personally’ with its many variations.

In Australia each State has its own language variations. For instance: in Queensland when I lived there in the 80s ‘but’ was common at the end of a sentence.

In Tasmania where I grew up, we would say: ‘at the weekend’.                                                     In Victoria and other States it is ‘on the weekend’.                                                            ‘Cantaloupe’ (the fruit) in Tasmania is called ‘Rock melon’ in NSW.                                                The list could go on. I wonder if in other countries you have different words, for the same thing, in different areas?

Do any of the ‘in’ words irritate any of you, as they do me? I’m sure you all have your own pet hates!






Do you find fashion affects your passion, be it writing, photography, painting, house improvements, clothing etc. etc.? It seems that everything is tainted by it.

For my February birthday, my dearest insisted on buying something in the city for my birthday. I can hear you say ‘how nice!’ Well, yes, it was. We were in Collingwood, a groovy part of the city of Melbourne. There was a beautiful red and purple jumper in the window that caught my eye. I could see, after my exclamation, that it was far too short, leaving the required bare mid-drift. In we went as my beloved wanted to buy me something special.

You have probably guessed, the shop was catering for the young people who live in the inner suburbs. I had to show willing by trying on a skirt and a dress. I loved the colours. The dress was very glamorous and looked far too elegant for my wants, these days. Gardening, visiting the library and an occasional lunch out, don’t warrant such glamour! So the skirt was tried on for a second time.

Yes, the greens and greys were acceptable. The materials were various patterns, cut on the bias in heavy cotton; the full skirt felt comfortable and swished nicely as I paraded in front of the mirror. The odd thing about this creation was an uneven hem line, un-hemmed, with tassels hanging down. When I inquired about said dangles, the lovely young assistant enthusiastically suggested; ‘Tie them up in the front, or the sides or you can have a bustle affect at the back, or tie them up all around!’

The lass was so kind and helpful, I didn’t have the heart to tell her what I thought. Cutting those dags off would be my first task getting home. Delighted that my beloved had found something for my birthday, he let me carry the trendy bag back to the car. Today I cut off the daggy frayed, very uneven bits; even having to add some material to two short sections, so the finished hem line was not above my knees. Getting the sewing machine out to zigzag the alterations was such an effort, before ironing, ready to hem by hand tonight. It made me wonder how anyone could place a garment ready for sale with out finishing it (in my mind).  Costing $220, unfinished, does anyone else think this is ridiculous?

I’d like to hear how you have been affected by fashion.