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Evocative Sensations:

The transporter, suggested by Michelle W.                                                                                          Tell us about a sensation, a taste, a smell, a piece of music –that transports you back to childhood.


Many of my senses seem to be interwoven, and extricating just one seems almost an impossibility. After much cogitation, I shall mention some of the strongest reminders of my childhood:

The wind blowing off the ocean and the sight, smell and taste of the sea with salt air blowing in my hair and up my nose is one of tranquility or maelstrom that takes me back.

The sight, taste and smell of brandy sauce on plum pudding are all equally transporting.

Music from the records my father played will always lift me to the feeling of the freedom of dance, so much part of my childhood memories.

Finally, smells: The perfume of talcum powder evokes the warmth and love of my mother. The smell of a spaniel’s ear brings the wonderful memories of Rummy, our spaniel. The stench of over cooked cabbage brings back the horror of boarding school. The aroma of a rose transports me back, as do many of the flowers that grew in the abundant garden of my childhood.