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Delightful graffiti:

E-mails appear without the original author/ photographer being identified. I give thanks to who ever was the original creator. I have seen these before, but I post them for those of you who haven’t, and for the enjoyment of those of you who have seen them. Delightful graffiti:ATT000042ATT000084ATT000147ATT000168ATT0003727ATT000021ATT0002313ATT0002010ATT000063ATT0003828ATT0002111ATT0003626ATT0002818ATT0002717ATT0002212ATT0003121ATT0002616ATT0003424

Poetry alive and well:

In Melbourne this week poets have been getting up early to take their poetry to the people. At the end of each railway line, they’ve taken helium balloons and released them in the carriages for people to find. Within each balloon is a poem about that particular line. Ours is the Frankston line, so I guess they would have written about Frankston. No, I didn’t get up early to scramble to get one.

Instead I went to the Internet, but couldn’t find anything about this exciting idea.

Chris heard that it is something that happens in London UK. What a splendid idea, I do hope it spreads to other places! Have any of you first hand experience of this happening? I’d love to hear if you have, and to read the poem.