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Rosie Batty:

Today in The Age newspaper, http://www.theage.com.au/ Fiona Harari has a feature article in the GOOD WEEKEND MAGAZINE called ‘Mother Courage.’ This article features Rosie Batty and her ‘powerful voice against domestic violence.’ Even though I’ve heard about Rosie’s plight, this article brought tears to my eyes. She had faced adversity with such strength and courage.

From living life as a single mother and having work that fitted in around this, she’s now become a spokesperson educating by discussing her unique experience with some of the most unlikely folk: From the Senate, to important CEOs in industry and people who have been too busy to have heard of her case. Speaking at the United Nations has even been proposed.

The article captures her childhood and love of animals, as the eldest of three children living on a farm in England. Losing her mother at the age of six changed her life forever. Rosie came to Australia in her twenties after travelling and working abroad.

It is her lack of blame that makes her stand out as a most unusual person. For those that haven’t heard about this tragedy, on the 12th February this year, Rosie’s son was at cricket practice. His father killed Luke by hitting him over the head with a cricket bat and then stabbing him in front of his schoolmates. The father was shot by police and later died in hospital.

Rosie is a gifted communicator and has been asked to write her autobiography. As Victorian’s Australian of the Year, we’re hoping she is the outright winner, as her courageous speaking out has turned the focus to change a social injustice that has too long been overlooked and hidden. All strata of society are affected by violence in the home, and it is time for change.