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Magic Pudding:

On Christmas Eve last year I realized that our plum pudding we’d ordered hadn’t arrived. Chris had thought he’d make things easier for me by ordering the pudding for the first time. I e-mailed the company with no response. Chris rang and spoke to the Manager, who was very apologetic when he realized that it was their genuine mistake. (And it had been paid for earlier in the month).

The Owner/Manager said he’d make up for this upsetting dilemma on the 6th January, when they returned to work. He realized Christmas could be an emotional time, especially when catering for larger numbers. He was very sympathetic, and that  made me feel better.

Fortunately I had time to make a pavlova and a pecan tart, (for our Canadian and American members of family). In fact there was no drama.

On the 6th January, true to his word we received a phone call to say our bank had been refunded, plus a parcel was on its way. Opening the parcel, a few days later, not just one plum pudding, but two, plus a Christmas cake!

The smaller plum pudding we tried immediately. It was superb, just like my mother’s. The cake too, was moist and delicious. So any Australians reading this, I’d like to put a plug in for this wonderful company. The Newcastle’s Pudding Lady makes these delicious treatswhich is a family company and the food is really superb. (available on the internet)