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Imagine beginning again. What could be worse? Starting school from the beginning and being bored stiff for how many years? Being watched incessantly outside school hours with no freedom? Facing the changing technological changes and choosing a husband all over again… would I change anything?

No, I’ll hang on in till the end in this body, thank you! My chosen memories of childhood are the rosy ones where we roamed free.

The tough times make one appreciate the good times. I feel I have earned this age and am grateful for good health so that I can relish my freedom to choose how to spend my time. Time is an elusive element and it has sped up, so now it’s up to me to make the most of what is left.

From the Top. Daily Post by Ben Huberman

If you had the chance to be reborn, would you choose to return as your present self, or would opt for a fresh start? Tell us about what motivates your choices.



Take a Chance on Me, WP prompt by Krista                                                                                                What’s the biggest chance you ever took? Did it work out? Do tell!

Apart from getting married three times, (and the result speaks for itself), returning to study was a huge, nerve-wracking chance.

As a single mother I returned to Art School to complete a degree, a necessity for teaching. This meant leaving the safety of my hometown and supportive parents. Besides settling my two children into rented accommodation and a new school, I fell in love before term started.

Perhaps being out of my comfort zone, I was vulnerable. Pregnancy happened immediately, with a wedding to follow. The fact that my new husband became a student meant that we had a very meagre existence. Love doesn’t satisfy empty bellies.

Two years into my course husband number two accepted work in far north Queensland, so we packed up to begin afresh. In retrospect this time was spent productively, though I couldn’t complete my degree externally. After five years in the tropics, we ventured south to the Federal Capital. My first phone call was to the University to make enquiries about continuing my degree studies.

Having never excelled at school I was filled with trepidation. This University course was far more demanding than the previous art subjects I’d completed. I became engrossed and surprised myself by even getting the odd High Distinction. Completion of this course not only brought satisfaction but work as a teacher. Here again was another chance of failure, but after surviving relief teaching, permanency brought the fulfilment of finding my niche.







Ephemeral Kitch et al:

Daily prompt: Ephemeral by Krista

Ephemeral is a modern condition. As a first wife, I felt ephemeral. Thinking how this affliction affects our lives is wide ranging from food, clothing, cars, movies, books, friendship, flowers, plants. I see people discard furniture to replace it with more popular updates, and even their houses can be replaced by newer more modern versions. I prefer to retain objects that remind me of people evoking memories. True friendship cannot be replaced.

The art world is full of ephemera. Here again, I choose to hang a painting I love and cherish, rather than have something temporary, that is fashionable.

Colour of houses and clothes change with fashion. Is it worth changing something that you’re happy with? Of course in nature there is much that changes, and that is the way the ephemeral is meant to be, giving us a time to look forward to bulbs and blossoms shooting in Spring; with Autumn leaves turning and dropping in their turn. There is enough change in nature without our wasting our resources creating more landfill.