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A box of Chocolates for Valentine’s Day:

Subject suggested by The Black Candelabra @ bumblepuppies  Please see below my post for details:

Dipping into a box of chocolates was once the ultimate time of indulgence.                                  In those days I hadn’t even heard of cholesterol. Today I am going to share my next best thing for Valentines Day, perhaps you’d like a box too?

This one is for my beloved:


Lemon yellow incites effervescence, happiness and hope.

Cadmium yellow’s mellow warmth contains contentment.

Cadmium orange arouses rapturous sexual passion.

Cadmium red inspires energetic determination.

Alizarin immerses into parody.IMG_1540

Violet enchants childhood memories.

Purple emanates peace and passivity.

Ultramarine blue intoxicates with strength.

Cobalt blue links to dreams and the unknown.

Cerulean evokes serenity and joy.

Viridian green urges creativity and innovation.

Lime green symbolizes birth and new growth.

Would you like to taste one from my box? Which one would you choose? IMG_0482A reward of a full box is ready for each of you who manage to read to the end.

“Valentine’s Day arrives this week and many of your waistlines will be encountering a delectable box of chocolates. For this week’s challenge, you will be reimagining the box of chocolates as a writing form.

A collection of unique and separate chocolates forms a greater whole. One rarely finds a single small piece of chocolate that ascends to the heights that the variety provides.

With that in mind, you will be writing a dozen mini-pieces in a single post. Each mini-piece should be 25-35 words and be self-contained. In other words, they should not form a dialogue, advance a plot, or otherwise interact with one another. However, they should be unique. You might vary the style in each one, offer viewpoints from 12 different perspectives, or devise 12 different formatting techniques. Whatever strategy you choose, the twelve pieces should look like a coherent whole when they’re juxtaposed in your post.”

Compose and publish your response to this prompt on your own blog. Be sure to include a link to this post so that a pingback will appear here, thereby allowing other participants to discover your work. Please be patient if your pingback does not appear immediately; I am not at my computer 24/7 and I have to approve all pingbacks. For this reason, using the bcandelabra tag may be advisable.



Challenge: Discuss the Interrelatedness of Creation and Destruction.

Challenge: Discuss the interrelatedness of creation and destruction                                                            Subject chosen by The Blacklight Candle

In the beginning a tiny sperm created a child. This child grew to be a man, who dropped a seed. This seed grew into a vine that thrived, its tendrils encircling a tree. After many years this vine strangled the tree leaving it lifeless and bare.

One hot day, the man drove off in his car, throwing his cigarette butt out the window, which fell near the dead tree. A slight breeze fanned the butt lighting the dried undergrowth, which lit the dead tree. This in turn spread, creating a major bush fire where everything in its path was destroyed.

Burning coal that emitted CO2 into the atmosphere created electricity in this town. The bushfire roared towards the power station, settling into the mass of coal where it could smolder away, billowing black smoke into the atmosphere.

The heat from this fire expanded deep into the earth’s crust creating massive heat that, in turn, caused earthquakes. The quakes rumble beneath the earth surface, causing lesions disrupting the ocean. Huge mountainous waves hurled towards unsuspecting islands. Coastal living was thrown into nightmarish desecration. People were drowned and houses were lost.

Winds formed as a result of this climate change. Tornedos built, further destroying other communities. Torrential rains fell on areas that had suffered drought for decades. Animals were lost and homes were flooded. People drowned.

The man was annoyed when his electricity failed. He couldn’t watch his TV.