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Book Review: ‘The Rosie Effect’, Graeme Simsion



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For those of you who have read, The Rosie Project, you will be thrilled to hear there is a follow on with The Rosie Effect, which is equally charming.

The main character, Don Tillman, a geneticist, is now married to Rosie Jarman, a medical student. Their lives are further changed by their move from Melbourne to New York. It is never explicitly divulged that Don has Asperger’s Syndrome, but his way of life is so unique, he can be nothing but. He learns how to deal with things, but in the process gets himself into some very difficult situations. The caring side of Don is so carefully crafted, and the funny incidents continue to amuse the reader.

Trying to protect his wife from stress, the web of deceit grows, leaving him in danger of losing his job, deportation, and worst of all, losing Rosie.

Difference is cherished throughout this story. For any of you who are, or have met anyone, on the autistic spectrum, you’ll love this book.