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Mysterious Enigma:

Most people, who don’t read my blog, wouldn’t know that I love playing with words. Here is today’s effort. A rather hasty one, as I have dug up the raspberries, and need to fertilize the soil and replant them. Putting up stakes and wires to try to bring a semblance of order, so that one can walk between the rows. Here is what came to me this morning, early:

Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon.

The pigs squeal with delight as they fly off in flight. Geese soar up above, screaming their love,

Flapping and honking, squealing and oinking, whelping and mewing, circling and hallooing.


The dog and the cat chase till red in the face. Puffed and defeated with a final expletive,

They curl up to dream of peaches and cream, staying warm till the dawn, no longer forlorn,

Content to snuggle, a warm furry cuddle, as the cow settles down for her milking.


A Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma: Daily Prompt by Michelle W.

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