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Sharing Cynthia McKinney’s piece, found on Facebook:



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Cynthia McKinney
An anthropologist thought he would test these African children. He placed a bowl of fruit underneath a tree and told them that the first one to reach the tree could have the fruit. When he told the children to run, they all took each others’ hands and ran together. They all enjoyed the fruit together. This is the African concept of Ubuntu. In my opinion, it is also why Africa is preyed upon by the vultures untamed and let loose by other cultures.

When asked why they didn’t run the course alone, they answered, UBUNTU! How can we be happy when others are sad?

UBUNTU in Xhosa is roughly translated, “I am because we are.”

I found this on an African website and wanted to share it with you.

Now, if we could just get rid of those vultures.


This piece speaks for itself. If only our politicians would look from a more sharing perspective.