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Connected: you must be joking!

Climate Control: The idea that the weather and people’s moods are connected is quite old. Do you agree? If yes, how does the weather affect your mood?  Ben Huberman

Hearing noises in the kitchen she stirred, knowing that it was time to rise. She felt her knees, yes, they were cold; no wonder they were so painful. The bed was so warm, why was it that she had cold knees?

Creaking out of bed, she hobbled to the bathroom with a sharp awareness of all of her joints. If only she could have a grease and oil change like the car.

The welcome warmth of the shower helped to stimulate the circulation. Shower time was when she could think about what she’d write about today, though this took away from her short- term memory. Had she used the conditioner? She gave it a second go, just in case.

Dried, she could see how flakey her skin had become. A little rub of oil in the worst spots, she couldn’t afford the time or money to tackle the whole catastrophe. Reaching for the Denko rub, she realized she had the toothpaste in her hand. That would smell nice, but what a mess it would make! If only he’d put things away!!

‘This should get me going’, she said to no one in particular, as she inhaled the Denko rub. She pulled on the elbow bandage around her knees, thinking how once she would have danced. Her eyes no longer saw the stray hairs that she used to tweak out with the tweezers. That looming operation for Glaucoma silently troubled her.

Tripping over the dog she emanates with less than her usual decorum. ‘First day of winter’, her husband cheerily calls.