‘You’re away with the fairies.’

This surprised me, as I believed I was an ordinary person. Perhaps when I was young I was a bit of a sylph and a little unworldly at times but I thought I’d grown up and left that behind. Continuing to think, I realized not everyone dreams. Maybe she was right.


Dreams are a very big part of my life. So far, flying dreams have been hard work. Flapping my arms is exhausting. It would be wonderful to fly effortlessly. Just to float, relax and enjoy the sensation without strain.


Today’s prompt, ‘float’, is what I’ll do in preparation for sleep and may be it will happen.

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/float/”>Float</a>

13 thoughts on “Dreaming

  1. Aunt Beulah

    I can’t fly, but I can float, especially when I visit the ocean. Watching it, concentrating on it, I often feel I’m floating over it. Also, I feel sad for anyone who doesn’t dream. So good to be reading your posts again, Barbara.

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  2. sandyaureli

    Hi Barbara
    I’m surprised to hear this… I often have dreams of flying, and haven’t had to flap!! I just float up and away. I remember once when we wore long skirts being worried that my skirt would be suspended by my legs and people would be able to see right up it!! Inside houses I often surprise people by drifting up to the ceiling and laughing down at them from above. Landing often feels as if it might be going to be tricky but generally I just touch down quite lightly. You can do it too, I bet you can… hope the FLOAT word worked!
    XX Sandy

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    1. bkpyett Post author

      How lovely that you can float, Sandy! I haven’t had a flying dream for ages, but do remember the thrill it brought. Laughed at your worry about people catching a glimpse up your skirt! ❤


  3. hilarycustancegreen

    I’m always being surprised by the realisation that, for many people, imagining stuff is not an ongoing experience. It is both a joy and a bane, but I wouldn’t be without it and never confuse it with reality. I know it is just my mind playing.

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  4. gerard oosterman

    Dreams and flying are OK by me. I am usually chased by bad people but fortunately I can fly but not so my pursuers. Another dream I have, is owning a device that takes me up into the sky, a kind of rocket. Again, I am the only one that has it.

    Scary dreams are where I am in a strange surrounding trying to catch a flight but never quite making it to the airport in time. The difficulties are compounded by having lost my passport. A psychiatrist would probably make a lot out of those dreams.

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