Renewal looks a strange word; it looks like three words in one.

I’m procrastinating…

If you are feeling your age, I’ve just read a book you might enjoy.

It is about a widow and widower who cross an invisible societal line in their small community. They feel that they’ve reached the age where they don’t care what others think.

‘Our Souls at Night’ is written by Kent Haruf. If you’re feeling you need to change your life in some way or just need a good read, this is the book for you. Haruf writes about two people in their seventies who find love and friendship with poignancy, charm and believability.

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6 thoughts on “Renewal

  1. preciouspen1955

    Sounds like a good a read , will look out for this , always interested in renewal; sounds fresh and full of magic, ha ha , just read your last post and I must admit that I am happiest myself when ‘ Away with the fairies ‘ . If I hear the phrase when in a good humour I relish the thought that people have noticed that lovely side of my personality that can still believe the world is magic. However sometimes when in not such a good humour it can make me determined to retreat alone into my fairy world , my room of my own . Life is good and my garden is nourished well for our winter hope all is good with you and the new year brings lots of magic and happiness to you and your loved ones . Kathy xx

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    1. bkpyett Post author

      Kathy, glad to hear all is well in your garden, tucked away for winter. Our garden has been getting a battering with the heat, but this week is perfect with warm and not scorching days.
      Yes, magic is not lost!

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  2. bkpyett Post author

    You are right, Gerard. This book took me by surprise and kept me interested till the end; it had both amusing and poignant moments. Renewal can happen at any age.



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