Easter holidays over:


safety instructions

safety instructions


These holidays coincided with our grandson’s 8th birthday. Jack and Mackenzie really enjoyed the water park, and on Jack’s birthday we went to Arthurs Seat on the Mornington Peninsula. Here they have lots of child friendly activities. It was the first time we’d been. Tree surfing for nippers included being suspended in the trees with a harness with many challenging obstacle courses ending with a wonderful zip, or flying fox after each course. There were three courses for the young nippers and it took about an hour. The adult course looks very hairy and that takes two hours, though that wasn’t for us.
After a picnic lunch we then discovered the many mazes and some slides that were in constant use. Carrying the blowup tubes to the top of the hill was part of the experience. Exhausting grandparents who just gazed and children who climbed again and again.



The gardens were beautifully maintained and my favourite part was the Japanese garden. My photos don’t do it justice. Having our grandchildren over to stay makes us realize why people have children when they are young.

14 thoughts on “Easter holidays over:

  1. auntyuta

    Barbara you say: “Having our grandchildren over to stay makes us realize why people have children when they are young.”
    I realize this even more when with great grandchildren.
    We’ve been to the Mornington Peninsula a couple of times, but without any children. And I think both times we had very limited time. Seeing your photos makes me wish to go there again one day. We like visiting Melbourne because our son lives there and we love to visit the grandson and his family who live not far away from Melbourne.
    Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos!

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  2. gerard oosterman

    Our boys are coming here soon too. The fridge has been stocked and the Wi-Fi taken away. There will be barbeques, walks and talks. That said, we will probably relent and give them limited down loads if reciprocated with no punch ups or kicking old ladies in the groin at the skating ring.
    Hopefully we will survive. The pancakes will be at even greater numbers stacked high. The golden syrup at the ready.
    The photos above show a great adventure land. I would be tempted to try it out myself. Thank you Barbara.

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    1. bkpyett Post author

      Enjoy your children too, Gerard! It’s a challenge, but very worthwhile. We had maple syrup with our pancakes as the boys have a Canadian Dad. Always good to hear from you! We’ve started having early morning walks instead of late afternoon. Works much better and the kids were fresh and they even enjoyed it!!

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  3. bkpyett Post author

    You do make me smile, Heather. Mackenzie is like your boys, he really loves sitting in front of a screen and several times we were out and I realised he had his pyjama bottoms on!! 🙂
    I’m glad you were able to get out a couple of times. We didn’t even get to the movies this time.

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  4. Master of Something Yet

    I kind of miss the days of taking the boys out to “do stuff” when they were younger. (Actually, what I really miss is playgrounds. 😦 ) Now all they want to do is hang around the house and play computer games or watch endless hours of Japanese anime. 😀 We did manage to make it to one movie and also to a show at the Comedy Festival so they did have to shower and dress a couple of days at least. 😉

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