Overcoming fear

Blogging is a fear that I’ve been overcoming. Sharing information, putting it out into the ether, not knowing who is reading it. But my biggest fear has been using a computer, which continues to flummox me. Having purchased a laptop and transferring relevant material is such a tedious process. I sometimes hate the computer so much; I swear I’ll return to pen and paper.

Returning to a typewriter, I remember the drawbacks:

  • Having to use tippex to whiten any mistakes.
  • Then cutting and joining with sticky tape a paragraph that needs to be inserted elsewhere.
  • Using that horrible black or blue paper to make copies, that never look as pristine as a computer copy.

Yes, I guess I am conquering my fears and appreciate the benefits of a computer. I shall just have to continue learning how to make best use of it.


Phobia Shmobia, daily post by Ben Huberman                                                                                    Fears evolve over time. What is one fear you’ve conquered?


5 thoughts on “Overcoming fear

  1. Forestwoodfolkart

    I love the ability to erase delete add or control v that the pc gives one. As for fears I think working as a telemarketer and talking to complete strangers every day selling them a product I didn’t believe in and having to maintain a quota of sales was the biggest challenge and fears.


  2. auntyuta

    I am happy when I manage to publish something I’ve written and when on top of it I can also insert pictures I have scanned or taken with a digital camera. I have even learned how to crop pictures. Storing them is another matter. I am hopeless in finding out a save procedure in storing them. Any changes, that are being made to the computer, terrorise me. I agree with you. Barbara, with what you write about the typewriter. The same goes for a digital camera which is so much easier to use!

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    1. bkpyett Post author

      I think you do amazingly well Uta! It isn’t easy learning these things. I realised when my daughter was staying how many facets of my machines I ignore. Yes, the digital camera is wonderful, I do appreciate being able to take photos and download them onto the computer too. 🙂

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