Sunday Write Up

Using Mel Cusick-Jones idea for Sunday Write Up                                                                                Using five words: forget, come, need, acorn, weird. Write a story.

Working flat out, Maisie could forget her problems. As soon as she stopped, that double crossing husband of hers re-entered her brain. She would need to come to a serious decision soon; to consider her own normality.

Her problem was like an acorn in her shoe, irritating, making it difficult to forget her dilemma. Soon she would prove his duplicity and she would take proof to the police and see him sent to jail. It would be weird not having the burden of an abusive husband dragging her down. The thought of freedom made her hum.


8 thoughts on “Sunday Write Up

  1. gerard oosterman

    I don’t know how one can forget anything with an acorn in a shoe put there to remind one of the need to come to a wedding. I know it is a weird habit to do that but with getting older nothing really surprises me anymore.

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