‘A Perfect Drop’

Arch & Slab No.10

It has been a time of sorting, and some paintings that had hitherto been lost have been found.

The painting above was sold and I wanted to find a photo of it, and thought we’d lost it for good. Doing some cleaning up has been very rewarding. This painting was done after we’d been out to celebrate a birthday with a friend up at Dalesford, Victoria. The restaurant has since closed, but the memory of the small dishes to share were exquisite. I think the painting expresses our satisfaction of the meal and company perfectly.

‘Lost is the new found’

The prompt today is: click on your favourite blog, and pick out the 4th and 14th words(that aren’t ‘the’ or ‘an’). Drop them into this phrase.

“——- is the new ——.’ There’s your post title now write. Well I have adjusted a couple of things!




6 thoughts on “‘A Perfect Drop’

    1. bkpyett Post author

      Having the studio roof insulated and lined has created havoc, Heather, but it also has given us a chance to discover not only the lost, but reams of old tax papers etc. that should be destroyed. Now to dusting the bookshelves…..

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      1. Outlier Babe

        No. They never do. The most dramatic difference in this, I think, is with Van Gogh (NOT my favorite at all, but still…) and even then the colors we see aren’t those he painted, are they?

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