7 thoughts on “Lost?

  1. fatericsmum

    Love the photo, Barbara! Cats are amazing creatures — those of them who like small, cozy spots will happily snuggle into spaces even more uncomfortable than this one appears to be! And they love to be warm! We had a Rottweiler who adored our four Burmese cats (and vice versa) — they could often be found lying on the heated floor in our house with two cats lined up nose to tail on each side of the very warm dog

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    1. bkpyett Post author

      What a lovely story Pauline of your cats nestling up to a Rottweiler! It wonderful when cats and dogs understand each other. Someone sent me an e-mail today with a wonderful U tube video. shall have to add it, when I edit this.

      It shows a cat playing dead, because it doesn’t want to go for a walk, and at the end scampers off when the lead is taken off.

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      1. fatericsmum

        That is SO funny, Barbara! I’m not sure whether I’m more impressed with the cat’s determination NOT to go for a walk, or with the man’s persistence in trying to make the cat stand up …

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