Keeping up with new technology:

A dear friend sent me this helpful e-mail. I just thought it might appeal to a few of you who are beginning to age.

USB-stick for seniors
Soon it will be compulsory for the elderly to not only carry their ID with them, but also their insurance papers, their list of medication and a compact version of their medical history, their views about resuscitation after a cardiac arrest etc, etc.

So, when an older person wants to go out he or she will need to carry a lot of paperwork!!

That is why there has been developed a special USB stick for seniors.
Have a look – – – – – –
Available soon, but only on prescription!

This way you always have your USB handy….

Please scroll down:

Untitled attachment 00447

I know what Gerard is going to say. He’ll have to think of somewhere else to keep his!! πŸ™‚


14 thoughts on “Keeping up with new technology:

  1. ChristineR

    LOL. Maybe it could behave like my activity tracker which connects with Garmon via an ‘ant’ stick. Maybe the medical people can wave a special wand in front of your face and pick up your data via wi-fi. Really though, Barbara, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before we’re all wearing a tracking chip implanted at birth!

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