Ephemeral Kitch et al:

Daily prompt: Ephemeral by Krista

Ephemeral is a modern condition. As a first wife, I felt ephemeral. Thinking how this affliction affects our lives is wide ranging from food, clothing, cars, movies, books, friendship, flowers, plants. I see people discard furniture to replace it with more popular updates, and even their houses can be replaced by newer more modern versions. I prefer to retain objects that remind me of people evoking memories. True friendship cannot be replaced.

The art world is full of ephemera. Here again, I choose to hang a painting I love and cherish, rather than have something temporary, that is fashionable.

Colour of houses and clothes change with fashion. Is it worth changing something that you’re happy with? Of course in nature there is much that changes, and that is the way the ephemeral is meant to be, giving us a time to look forward to bulbs and blossoms shooting in Spring; with Autumn leaves turning and dropping in their turn. There is enough change in nature without our wasting our resources creating more landfill.







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