Reblog of Angels Behind the Scenes: A taste

Angels behind the scenes. Barbara Pyett © 2015

Being whooshed through a tunnel of brilliant light, I am excited. The air is blissful and resonates with the sounds of singing. My body feels light and translucent. I can run and walk without pain. Having regained my senses I realize that this must be heaven.

Children are running around playing. I recognize a few faces. There is my friend Timothy. He looks happy and runs towards me and gives me a big hug; our bodies melt into our nothingness.

‘You won’t believe what it’s like living here Fleur! Look, here comes Gabriel to take you to your initiation, we’ll catch up later.’                                                                                                    Gabriel, a tall, elegant angel takes my hand, ‘There is a procedure to follow, and then you can celebrate with your friends and family.’ Gabriel telepathizes.

Gabriel escorts me. We speed through the air. It is called teleporting, arriving at the speed of thought. Gabriel’s thought this time, not mine.

‘Where are we Gabriel?’

‘You are here to be initiated, to relearn about living in heaven. On Earth you forgot our ways.’

Together we enter a huge white marble building where the splash of fountains echo under  towering arched domes. It is as light inside as it is outside and the temperature remains warm. With ease I look up into the stunning patterned vaults above. White doves coo and fly around us. I feel as if I am in a dream or am I stuck in a fantasy computer game? The air smells as sweet and fresh as freesias. It must be real, I try to pinch myself and question, what is real?

In a large hall we see a lots of people sitting around in a circle.

‘Please sit and join us,’ says a pleasant voice coming from nowhere.

‘You are here to refresh and adapt to heavenly ways.

To begin with I shall ask everyone to hold hands.’

As we do this electric pulses shoot through our hands and bodies.

‘This feeling allows you to remember that we are all ONE; part of a whole, which is LOVE.’ The room fills with a brilliant light, which emanates from all of us sitting in the circle.

‘On Earth you had free will and forgot about being ONE. Competition was part of your culture. You had the choice of being good or evil. Breaking the rules was always a temptation. Your memories of heaven were obliterated, which enabled you to live a life of comparative freedom and make your own choices. Some of you lived full and productive lives, but some of you made bad choices and other lives were affected by illness,’ the unearthly voice continues.

‘Earthly media thrives on bad news where fear, cheating, lying, power struggles, stealing, violence, murder, child abuse and ruthless competition all hit the headlines. Some of you are still filled with negative feelings, such as: anger, fear, hatred, avarice, jealousy, addiction, resentment, inferiority, deceit or simply being egoists living selfish lives. Afflictions may be healed now you are in heaven in our Rehabilitation Centre. You’ll relearn how to adjust to the light where acceptance, positivity, compassion, authenticity, integrity and love are the norm, and you will experience ONENESS.’

‘Telepathy doesn’t allow lying.’

‘How can this be real?’ I hear my neighbour murmur.

‘Oneness may be interrupted by negative Earthly thoughts. If you experience these, the Rehabilitation Centre will support you in your recovery. If you think you need help, please leave now with Angelica.’

I stand up with a large number of people to leave. My resentment of the way I was torn from my family still overwhelms me. Those of us leaving have auras tinged with different colours. Those who remain sit in a glorious golden light.                                                                                ‘I know many of you are wishing to link up with friends and family, you may do so at the end of this session.’


Teleporting is cool! Standing in a long glass fronted building looking out onto parklands and a river, birds of every size are flying, wading or floating on the river. Their calls mixed with children’s’ happy laughter echo about us.

We sit in another circle as we each share our story. I am surprised to find that every life story is moving and equally poignant. Listening, we let our tears flow freely.

Jo sits on the left side of me. He has suffered from violence and mental illness. He cries when he recounts the harm he has suffered and the harm and distress he has caused his family. The energy from the circle helps release his anxiety.

Maggie, on my right has been addicted to gambling and committed suicide leaving her children without a home, or a parent.

What a lot for her to come to terms with!

My problems seemed insignificant when I listened to so many woeful stories. These extracts make me realize how lucky I’ve been, coming from a loving family. I share my own experience of dying from cancer and the sorrow I feel leaving my family: not being able to finish my studies, to grow up and have a career and family of my own.

When we finish, we hold hands and are zapped with loving energy. Most of us feel wiped out and need sleep before we can face seeing our family and friends.

The Rehabilitation Block has beds for us all; where we can sleep soundly to refresh ourselves. Heavenly sleep, how apt!

Another change from our former lives is that food isn’t necessary. Of course a food- a-holic may choose to pretend to eat, by conjuring up visions of food. This is something they will wean themselves of in rehab. The same method applies to Alcoholics and for any other addiction.


Meeting up with my great grand parents, great aunts and uncles and my darling grandmother is overwhelming. None of them look as old as I expected. Grandma tells me, ‘I was able to choose to be rejuvenated in rehabilitation, so I could return to a healthy body and leave those old arthritic knees behind. We can all choose whatever age we wish to appear. No plastic surgery necessary in heaven!’

‘No wonder there are so many young looking people.’

‘We all watched over you in hospital.’ Grandma says.

Life in heaven blows my mind, to know that I had all of these people watching over me. My friend, Timothy, appears as soon as I think of him. He says,

‘With telepathy and being able to move so quickly, linking up is easy.’

We sit and talk about our friends left behind and the good times we shared at school.

‘All of my problems are over, no pain and no worries. Acceptance and love have obliterated my sad memories. Though sometimes I do think of what might have been if…’ Timothy looks away, as he hides a wistful expression.

We watch Joe meet up with his father; they look so similar, and the same age. Seeing Maggie’s loving family surround her makes me want to cry. People to care and support them, no matter what they have done in the past, surround the newcomers.

It is time to return to rehabilitation for another session.

‘Off you go, that is where you need to be at the moment. I’ll see you soon!’ Timothy is gone in a blink.

Being one huge family, just a thought away, means that we are always there for each other, this is awesome!

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11 thoughts on “Reblog of Angels Behind the Scenes: A taste

  1. M-R

    Giving ‘voice’ to one’s images of heaven must be quite … cathartic, Ba. Alas that I cannot, not having any faith; but I’ll read your ideas, with pleasure.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. bkpyett Post author

      Hilary, am pleased to hear what you think. It is fantasy. I was worried that it might make the other side too tempting, and get criticised that it might encourage young ones to suicide!! I hope not.


  2. Martha Kennedy

    “Telepathy doesn’t allow lying.” 🙂 Thank you!!!! Have you read C. S. Lewis, ? He writes of Heaven, too, differently, but reading this, I think you might like it. It’s a lovely book and taught me a lot.

    Liked by 1 person


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