Title and length:

This prompt does suggest doing anything I like, so shall just talk to you about the title, and length of a piece of writing.

Having just completed, (again), my story, ‘Angels behind the Scenes’, I am considering, first of all; is the title catchy enough, or should I change it to something better that will ignite the imagination? This will be an ongoing dilemma, until I am satisfied.

The Synopsis:                                                                                                                              ‘Angels Behind the Scenes,’ is a fantasy short story written for all who are interested in what lies on the other side. Heaven and Earth merge in this gentle but moving tale. Perhaps this story will encourage people to ask for help from the angels amongst them. Remember you are not alone. Love and joy are not old-fashioned values, but necessities in everyone’s lives.

The second quandary: I looked up the ideal length of a YA story.                                                This varies according to the site you might look at. One table that caught my eye on: http://fiction.writing.yoexpert.com/s…

Under 1,000 Flash fiction

1.000-7,5000 Short Story

7,500-20,000 Novelette

20,000-50,000 Novel

This table varies from others that consider my 11,000 word + in the short story bracket. I rather like the word ‘Novelette.’ I copied this table as it suits me!

The publisher that produced my first children’s book suggested 20.000 words for YA.

This brings me to the decision; do I make the story longer… to fit someone else’s expectations? Surely there are masses of children, or adults that like to find something they can sit down and read in one comfortable sitting?

I read of another author, saying the spine of the book had to be wide enough to be seen once on the bookshop shelf.

If only there were people out there who would take a manuscript and do the necessaries to make it into a book, just as there are curators out there who take a painter’s work and do all of the tasks necessary to get the work hung and seen. Literary agents are like hens teeth, very difficult to find.

I wonder how many of you are facing the same dilemmas/problems? Any suggestions or experiences you would like to share will be very welcome.

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14 thoughts on “Title and length:

  1. ChristineR

    A story will take only as many words as it needs and there are so many variations as to what a book can be called! I like the word ‘novella’ which fits between a novelette and a novel according to Wikipedia, but then it says a novel is over 40,000 words.

    11,000 is a goodly number under your belt, good on yer Barbara. Delightful taste.

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  2. Martha Kennedy

    In my experience the length of a work has something to do with what the public expects for their money. I agree that’s weird, but since it costs publishers money to publish books, they want to get a return on their cost and make a profit. I think that is what the page number thing is largely about. I am working on adding 20k to my work in progress — some of that is OK with me since there are parts that are not well developed. As for literary agents, don’t get me started… 😉 Well, OK, I’m started. I think they are even more concerned about saleability and “normalcy” than even publishers. I like the subject of your book very much. There are angels “among us.” I’ve experienced their help.

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    1. bkpyett Post author

      Thanks Martha, it is good to hear what you have to say. I feel I will probably do a series of short stories, as I don’t think i can satisfy what is necessary for the Young Adult genre, as tastes have changed, and I haven’t! I’m glad you like the subject of this story. I may reblog a bit of the story and see how it is received.I wish you well with your adding to your work to meet the needs of other’s expectations.

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      1. bkpyett Post author

        I did put some up, but realised there were mistakes… and so the e-mail version isn’t fixed! I hope that I rectified any mistakes on the original, and that you will like it!


  3. M-R

    Paula and I are as one on this, as on many other things ! – sisters do occasionally share such similarities ! 🙂
    But Ba, darlin, you shouldn’t consider writing more just to match someone else’s ideas; that way lies disaster …


    1. bkpyett Post author

      Your comment was awaiting in Pending again! Thank you dear M-R. It is lovely to see such sisterly unity. I think I’ll post some of the story, and see if anyone is interested.

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  4. fatericsmum

    I would love to be able to write fiction — but I simply can’t 😦

    I can write blogs, academic papers, short articles — pretty much anything which is based around reality or scholarship. But the moment I start thinking about writing fiction I go into a complete panic and my brain (or what passes for my brain) seizes up completely.

    So, while I sympathise with your dilemma, Barbara, I shall remain the fictionless Paula …



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