Computer distractions:

The computer came home today after being worked upon lovingly by a kind soul who specialises with Apples. Then getting the jolly modem working again, was tricky, to say the least. Although it will need to go back in about a month for an update, we’re once again in working order.  iPhoto had collapsed!

For all of you cat lovers out there, I’m sharing a photo my daughter put on Facebook, as we share the same quirky sense of humour.  I have no idea who took the photo, so thank you to who ever did take the photo, but one would need a sense of humour to own this cat, don’t you think? Hair parted down the middle too! Does this serious face make you smile? I hope so!10923312_10152720127887423_8160517652115200186_n

15 thoughts on “Computer distractions:

  1. thevenerable1

    Oh tell me about it … Yesterday I spent virtually the entire afternoon and evening sorting out weird problems that arose as a result of some very nasty things eventually found by HitmanPro. Took several passes to get rid of ’em – which was difficult, seeing as how my desktop had disappeared and I couldn’t access any of my shortcuts … Sighh …
    Had to end up with a new email link for my site, with concomitant need to put the new address in my widgets. All lovely. Not.


    1. bkpyett Post author

      Sorry to hear that you’ve been having such a terrible time with your computer. I shall have to update, as I don’t want to lose all of my photos. Really horrid not being able to print anything, plus all of the other major difficulties. Very scary!

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