Love: Cupid’s Bow

Write an ode to someone or something you love. Bonus points for poetry! Daily post by Michelle W.

Cherry loveTrust is a given,

Boosting one to be striven.

Life full to the brim,

Joy no longer a whim.

Love beyond measure,

Finding your treasure.


19 thoughts on “Love: Cupid’s Bow

  1. preciouspen1955

    I can feel the power in this poem , to me it says that when we find that someone who trusts us , joy overflows, our hearts leap when we are loved , to me it is a poem about being in love and that wonderful feeling that everything is possible nothing has to be striven for it is all so easy when we are in love , loved it , it reminded me of all those wonderful feelings , and to be in love does not have to be about being in love with another person, I think as I get older one can be in love with so many different things , ha ha me and my garden challenge and my husband is deffo in love with his football , perhaps love and passion are the same two things all I really know is that I love being in love with a passion and your poem has reminded me of that passion . Kathy .

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