Making cabbage palatable:


Cooking some cut up bacon, and then adding sliced cabbage. Cook in a little oil. Add peas last, if desired. Children who hate vegetables loved this mixture! Photo taken during process looking a little raw. It doesn’t take long to cook and even adults that don’t like cabbage, might like it like this. Delicious!

24 thoughts on “Making cabbage palatable:

  1. Master of Something Yet

    This looks yum. I shall try it. My boys actually love vegetables of all sorts but I’m always happy for a new way to serve them. I hated cooked cabbage as a child, but would eat it raw. My mother had to set aside a portion of it raw to put on my plate before she cooked the rest.

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  2. gerard oosterman

    Yes, a very good recipe. This is one of the cheapest and most nutritious meals. During periods of great faimne it was the cabbage that pulled many through.
    Try and put a spooonful of golden syrup through it. The combination bacon-cabbage and golden syrup is amazing.
    As for farting, this is what keeps many families together around the dining table. The intimacy of shared farting cannot be over-estimated.
    Even at old age, when plastic knees and pace-makers keep us going, it is the smilewith a gentle fart that reaches out, re-kindling love and a recognition we are still here.

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    1. bkpyett Post author

      How poetic you are Gerard! Shall try the golden syrup too. I didn’t mention, I put a touch of butter. As I’m not supposed to have butter I didn’t mention it!


  3. kanzensakura

    Now this sounds similar to us Southern folk…and you are deep south!!!! We fry up some bacon and add the cabbage – I cut mine like yours – a tiny bit of water and steam just long enough to make a tiny bit crisp tender, adding salt and pepper. Crumbled bacon is added on top while cooking. Now when you start saying, bless your heart…and y’all, I’ll know we’re truly daughters of south and deep south.

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  4. M-R

    Yes, it looks yummy, no doubt about it, Ba ! – BUT !
    Cabbage has always been one of my favourite vegetables, cooked totally plain – perhaps I should say ‘slightly under-cooked’ – and with a bit of butter added to the seasoning. I can eat heaps of the stuff.
    Oh, and I can fart.

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