19 thoughts on “Australia Day:

  1. gerard oosterman

    I have just, (in the spirit of Auystralia day) put on some sausages and shouted very loud and publicly ‘aussi aussi, oi oi oi. both in front and back of the house. Helvi tried to restrain me, but my patriotism got the better of me and I resisted her call for calm and repose.
    I have overcome!

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    1. bkpyett Post author

      Good on’yer Gerard! I noticed you’ve picked up the Auystralian parlance, or is it Austrayian?
      For the first time I made a special meal to celebrate the day. As Chris has had some medical appointments, and some to come, I decided every day must be a celebration! Then when I went to the computer, my story I’m writing has been encrypted into gibberish… Maybe I should take a leaf out of your book and go out into the yard and let off steam with some loud, ‘aussi aussi, oi, oi, ois!’


      1. gerard oosterman

        I hope Chriswill be alright. My dear H has been diagnosed with chronic leukemia some weeks ago, and is having all sorts of medical appointments. She has no symptoms and most of those that get diagnosed live another 10 years and usually die of other ailments. Letting off steam is always good.

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      2. bkpyett Post author

        Yes, Gerard, Chris is lucky, these are just annoying things that have to be seen to. I am so sorry to hear that Helvi has been diagnosed with chronic leukemia. Let’s hope that it lies dormant. Please give her my best wishes. ❤


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