Challenge: Discuss the Interrelatedness of Creation and Destruction.

Challenge: Discuss the interrelatedness of creation and destruction                                                            Subject chosen by The Blacklight Candle

In the beginning a tiny sperm created a child. This child grew to be a man, who dropped a seed. This seed grew into a vine that thrived, its tendrils encircling a tree. After many years this vine strangled the tree leaving it lifeless and bare.

One hot day, the man drove off in his car, throwing his cigarette butt out the window, which fell near the dead tree. A slight breeze fanned the butt lighting the dried undergrowth, which lit the dead tree. This in turn spread, creating a major bush fire where everything in its path was destroyed.

Burning coal that emitted CO2 into the atmosphere created electricity in this town. The bushfire roared towards the power station, settling into the mass of coal where it could smolder away, billowing black smoke into the atmosphere.

The heat from this fire expanded deep into the earth’s crust creating massive heat that, in turn, caused earthquakes. The quakes rumble beneath the earth surface, causing lesions disrupting the ocean. Huge mountainous waves hurled towards unsuspecting islands. Coastal living was thrown into nightmarish desecration. People were drowned and houses were lost.

Winds formed as a result of this climate change. Tornedos built, further destroying other communities. Torrential rains fell on areas that had suffered drought for decades. Animals were lost and homes were flooded. People drowned.

The man was annoyed when his electricity failed. He couldn’t watch his TV.

18 thoughts on “Challenge: Discuss the Interrelatedness of Creation and Destruction.

  1. Unreqwrited

    Now Barbara, there is only one thing I find hard to believe in this story, and that is the part where “the man was annoyed”. Surely you jest. You are too kind. (Didn’t you reallty mean out of his mind?) 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Outlier Babe

    Oh, dear. I don’t like feeling that I’m a sexist. But I find I don’t object that this tale revolves solely around man as agent. Seems appropriate, and I don’t know if that is unfair of me.

    Like your short take anyhow, Barbara.



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