13 thoughts on “Festivities begin:

  1. Dixie Minor

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Our grown-up son came and spent the night-he lives 20-30 miles away and so only spends one night a year, and it is so wonderful having him under the roof again! And. . . we got a cat! A kitten, really. 3 months old. We are just ridiculous about her. 😉

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    1. bkpyett Post author

      Dixie, lovely to hear about your Christmas. I understand the thrill to have family about too. Ours have departed now and I’m just resurfacing! At least the weather is good to get all the sheets dry. You are lucky that your son lives so close by! Your kitten sounds wonderful, am glad she’s bringing you lots of joy!! 🙂


  2. bkpyett Post author

    It will be so different having no one in Primary School next year. I find I’m slower than I used to be, so like to prepare in advance, making cards etc. Even here I’m cutting down the number, as it is getting out of hand. I should be old enough to have more sense! July sounds a sensible solution!

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  3. Master of Something Yet

    Oh, I want a pair of those!

    I find it hard to ramp up the Christmas preparations until school is finished (especially this year with Youngest Son finishing primary school) but then I’m doing the whole mad dash thing to get ready in a few days. Wonder if we could celebrate in July and skip December….

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