Book Review: The Darkening Hour by Penny Hancock

Book Review: The Darkening Hour by Penny Hancock

I listened to this as a library Clipper Audio book, which works well with the two main characters tell their own story. Anna Bentinck narrates a middle class Englishwoman, Theodora, and British actress Adjoa Andoh narrates her impoverished Moroccan live-in help, Mona.

The duel story is gripping with two quite different perspectives. It immerses one into modern London life, being torn by a job and family commitments. After the death of Theodora’s mother, the family dynamics change. The darkening, brooding tension builds up. Kindness is a fragile commodity. Frustration is woven through both lives, but lacking empathy and trust bring about dire consequences.

Recommended reading.

4 thoughts on “Book Review: The Darkening Hour by Penny Hancock

  1. M-R

    A really nice, clean, comprehensible review that’s going to decide a reader | listener to read or listen – and that’s what reviews are all about. Good one, Ba !!



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