Another picture book to be:

Millie, Molly and Mary Barbara Pyett © 2014

( At present, I’ve not kept the rhythm ordered. This text is before a visit to an editor, shall see how it evolves after the visit.)


Millie, Molly and Mary, are three chooks who live at a dairy.

They cluck for some corn, as cows moo with a yawn.

Cats meow in the sun, as dogs bark for fun.



One night, they roost, sound asleep on the Ute,

expecting to be there ‘till morning.

That night Farmer Brown drives into the town.

To his great surprise, his mates soon advise

And point to the chooks on his fender.

No time for a bender, a change of agenda.

Amender, he drives home to Brenda.



When the cock gives a crow, they belatedly know,

Their night ride can’t hide,

their feathers askew, it had to accrue

to dementia, or their own misadventure.


They hop off the Ute; Farmer Brown gives a hoot,

and concedes the chooks need a feed,

before milking his cows that are waiting by now.



Next night as they sleep, a slinky fox creeps.

The dog makes a growl; the cat gives a yowl.

Farmer Brown wakes from sleep leaves his bed with a leap.

Scares the fox from the barn that runs far from the farm.



Again next night, they huddle in fright.

Thunder and light make them want to take flight.

Drumming hail sees them pale as they shake on the bale.

Eggs scarce for a while, warrants no smile.



The cows moo outside with no- where to hide.

Cats yowl in the house and hide with the mouse.

Dogs growl in the shed, wait to be fed.



Peace reins on the farm, hens cluck in the barn,

Lay eggs, one, two and three for farmer Brown’s tea.

They cluck for some corn, as cows moo with a yawn.

Cats meow in the sun as dogs bark for fun.


No longer wary, they visit the dairy.

They’re no longer flappy, now they are happy.

Farmer Brown may appear with a smile ear to ear,

his grin doesn’t vary when he sees Millie, Molly and Mary.


‘Millie, Molly and Mary’ is a children’s farmyard story picture book for the young at heart. The play with language will both increase a child’s vocabulary as well as entertain the adult reading the story.

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